Monday, June 9, 2014

Better Lucky Than Good

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Data Spike - SOE Frigate
Date : 20140609
There have been an increased number of wormholes opening recently, granting me access to deeper regions of space. These regions which are generally uninhabited are often filled with piles of goods worth quite a bit to the right buyer and so I'm setting out encouraged to dive deeper than usual in an attempt to make a decent score.


It took me a few jumps through some wormholes to find myself in this beautiful asteroid collision deep in NCdot space. This is my first opportunity to take advantage of the wealth these large alliances of Capsuleers keep locked up behind guarded doors. Lucky for me one of the few things I'm good at is finding my way into places I wasn't meant to be.

After tearing apart these unfortunate wrecks I was able to store enough components to finish paying off this new hull, assuming I can get it back to the market in one piece.

I tracked down another signature a few jumps out from my escape route back to my trade hub and found a seemingly abandoned data center, unfortunately NC did not appear to be too excited with my intrusion in their territory and began hunting me down. Sadly I had to abandon this score, it's hard to make a profit when you're losing ships, so I've turned around and I'll be heading back to my wormhole jumps back home.


Immediately after my last entry as I was heading back towards the system that contained my secret escape route I ran into an ambush. Perhaps some scouts saw me jumping from system to system in that region or maybe I just was unlucky with my timing and a camp got set up right in my path back home.

With two Interdictors, one HIC and a dozen other ships floating around the gate I immediately had to take evasive action. I aligned to a planet and immediately activated my cloaking device and changed direction. I made for the edge of the interdiction spheres at the most obscure angle I could conceive of, if I could get out of here alive I could jump right to my wormhole and be back home before these guys have any idea what happened.

A Gallente cruiser with its obligatory flight of drones began to close in on me, I was only a few thousand meters from the edge of the warp disruption field and he was closing... 10,000... 8,000... 6,000... and then he changed direction. I have never been so relieved in my life! A few seconds later I was clear of the field and warped directly to my secret exit! Before leaving the system I gave my would-be murderers a hearty farewell and cruised back home with relative ease.


My evening was full of excitement and brought in a modest tally of 17M isk thanks to some lucky relics and a few pirate dog-tags I picked up in a belt. I think that should about do it for today, I've finished paying for this new Astero and gained a new appreciation for how fun diving through wormholes can be. It's time to dock up and count both my profits, and my lucky stars!

...Recording End