Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Intrigue Danger and Profit

Personel Log : LostVision - Captain
Deployment : Mira II - Stealth Bomber
Date : 20141409


Word has come in over the Comm of a massive explosion, they think it has something to do with some sort of experiment to force open a wormhole. The fleet I was soaring with a few days ago detected a new wormhole opening up in High Security space to a previously uncharted pocket of wormhole space.

This new system, named 'Thera' by the Sisters of Eve who originally settled in this system  is without a doubt the most ruthless region of space I've set my eyes on. War generally has a certain order to it's chaos, but here everyone seems to be weapons free and firing on anything they can get a lock on.


The Sisters have been in this wormhole for some time it seems, running their experiments with Bob knows what goal in mind but they did see fit to outfit the solar system with a few of their stations around various planets.

The other pilots managed to beat me to the system but they were far from the first ones there, and I arrived just in time to enjoy my first of what would be a few kills this evening.

Shortly after this frigate went down however our fleet had it's own tactic turned around on it when a single rogue stealth bomber hit us with a bomb, plowing through my shields and tearing off a sizable chunk of the plating protecting me from the vacuum of space!


Before too long we had managed to manufacture a few wrecks, and with the interest in ending on a high note we deemed our operation a success, having successfully managed to secure entry and docking rights in this newly discovered Thera system.

I am making long term plans to operate from here for a while given the multiple entrances and exits to places all over the galaxy making its position ideal for hit and run tactics, and covert infiltration behind enemy lines, as well as easy access to multiple regions of space that can help sate my curiosity when exploring.

Until my next opportunity I will be spending some time in station, welding plates back on the Mira II to get it ready to fly for the next operation.

... Recording End

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Highway To The Danger Zone

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain 
Deployment : Data Spike - SOE Frigate 
Date : 20141204


These pirate sites turn up like a bad penny, and before long we have probed out this old mineral field. This place had nearly been stripped clean before something drove the Sansha out of here.

It was fairly easy to strip apart the old ships and mining platforms left here, it looks like they were running a pretty low cost operation here with just the bare essentials. After tearing apart four different modules I was left with about enough salvage to put together a toddlers tricycle.

Estimated Value: 380,000


I have a suspicion that whatever drove the Sansha out of that mining site I was just at was able to convince them to abandon these storage platforms as well.

The security on these devices made it marginally more difficult to gain access to the materials inside than tearing apart that old salvage was. Before too long the Spike and I were able to bring aboard a stack of decryptors and datacores that appear to have been liberated from some Amarrian convoy.

While I'm sure I won't be given any medals I'm sure the Amarr Ministry of Security would be willing to part with a few ISK to ensure the safe return of their assets, and if they won't play ball I'm sure I can find some entrepreneur to take them off my hands. One man's salvage is another man's bread and butter!

Estimated Value: 2,960,000


Deployment : Mira - Stealth Bomber

I spent the last couple of days putting my Covert Operations training to good use. I accepted a contract from an admittedly shady contact who my brother was familiar with and sat down in a stealth bomber for a nice change of pace.

Stealth operations are a special type of combat. It's a very patient game that relies on biding your time and waiting for the opportune moment to present itself before catching your target unaware. We were separated into two squadrons, I was assigned to the primary strike team: Red Squadron and after monitoring our targets' movements the commander lined up our opportunity to strike at our opponents Capital ships and ordered the strike.

Red Squadron hit the mark but sadly Gold squadron's position had been given away and they were lost before being able to launch their strike.

With my contract fulfilled I stuck around for a couple of days being debriefed by the commander and his team before stepping out of the Mira to go back to probing the depths of the galaxy.

Estimated Cost to Target: 7.69 Billion


That's about all I have in me for one run, I'm docked up for the evening. Hopefully I can find some Wormholes to dive into tomorrow, because while dangerous, they have been providing be with endless opportunities to find rare and expensive salvage.
I've been looking for some people to join in the excitement in wormhole space, maybe group up and take down some of the sleepers who are always buzzing around and see what we can pry from their wrecks, that technology must be worth a fat stack of loot to the right buyer so let me know if you'd be interested in taking a dip into unclaimable territory with me.
Lostvision signing off.

...Recording End

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I Stared Long Into the Abyss

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Data Spike - SOE Frigate
Date : 20141202


After spending some time buffering my bank account I decided to risk diving into some unknown space to expand my horizons. Bouncing through Wormholes isn't for the unprepared or faint of heart, so don't let the small hull fool you, I've altered the fit for the Data Spike to pack quite a punch!

The first wormhole I came by was a tough nut to crack and it took me a couple tries to get passed the security on the control tower, but after I figured out the trick these pirates had been using to 'secure' their goods it didn't take me long to clean them all out.


Deep in these wormholes you never really know what might be lurking in the shadows and conspiring against you. That's a lesson these Sansha's thugs appear to have learned the hard way. Bad luck for them but good luck for me.

I imagine some of these guys were able to escape, but the wrecks of the less fortunate ones were packed with some of the most excellent salvage I've ever found. The sleepers may have taken these pirates apart, but I'm taking their booty and I can't help but feel like I ended up with the better end of the bargain.


This system has been quite good to me by handing me two opportunities to pack my cargo hold, at an estimated 83 Million ISK profit I've decided to cruise back to station before diving deeper into this chain of wormholes.

I'll drop this log off and upload it to the net before taking off into the abyss again, it's hard to tell the next time I'll come by an opportunity to communicate with K-Space again.

...Recording End

Monday, June 9, 2014

Better Lucky Than Good

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Data Spike - SOE Frigate
Date : 20140609
There have been an increased number of wormholes opening recently, granting me access to deeper regions of space. These regions which are generally uninhabited are often filled with piles of goods worth quite a bit to the right buyer and so I'm setting out encouraged to dive deeper than usual in an attempt to make a decent score.


It took me a few jumps through some wormholes to find myself in this beautiful asteroid collision deep in NCdot space. This is my first opportunity to take advantage of the wealth these large alliances of Capsuleers keep locked up behind guarded doors. Lucky for me one of the few things I'm good at is finding my way into places I wasn't meant to be.

After tearing apart these unfortunate wrecks I was able to store enough components to finish paying off this new hull, assuming I can get it back to the market in one piece.

I tracked down another signature a few jumps out from my escape route back to my trade hub and found a seemingly abandoned data center, unfortunately NC did not appear to be too excited with my intrusion in their territory and began hunting me down. Sadly I had to abandon this score, it's hard to make a profit when you're losing ships, so I've turned around and I'll be heading back to my wormhole jumps back home.


Immediately after my last entry as I was heading back towards the system that contained my secret escape route I ran into an ambush. Perhaps some scouts saw me jumping from system to system in that region or maybe I just was unlucky with my timing and a camp got set up right in my path back home.

With two Interdictors, one HIC and a dozen other ships floating around the gate I immediately had to take evasive action. I aligned to a planet and immediately activated my cloaking device and changed direction. I made for the edge of the interdiction spheres at the most obscure angle I could conceive of, if I could get out of here alive I could jump right to my wormhole and be back home before these guys have any idea what happened.

A Gallente cruiser with its obligatory flight of drones began to close in on me, I was only a few thousand meters from the edge of the warp disruption field and he was closing... 10,000... 8,000... 6,000... and then he changed direction. I have never been so relieved in my life! A few seconds later I was clear of the field and warped directly to my secret exit! Before leaving the system I gave my would-be murderers a hearty farewell and cruised back home with relative ease.


My evening was full of excitement and brought in a modest tally of 17M isk thanks to some lucky relics and a few pirate dog-tags I picked up in a belt. I think that should about do it for today, I've finished paying for this new Astero and gained a new appreciation for how fun diving through wormholes can be. It's time to dock up and count both my profits, and my lucky stars!

...Recording End

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Artificially Intelligent

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Hive - SOE Cruiser
Date : 20140224
We've had a lot of signatures in this region of space recently, with a good portion of them being infected drone sites.
Infected drones are an example of intelligence and malicious inventiveness. Drones are my specialty, and I tend to be very good at tearing them apart, often leaving enough parts behind to sell to some other AI engineers in a trade hub.
I've tracked down a signature of an old mining outpost and I'm aligning to warp to it, if they have a surplus of resources I might be able to make some money trading the margin. They wouldn't respond to remote hails but it's possible their communications equipment is just too out dated.

We'll be dropping from warp any second. Maybe we can make some money bringing them some supplies for repairs or upgrade...

Swarm on grid... launching Hobgoblins for intercept...

It looks like this outpost fell before backup arrived. There's a faint distress call which I guess is what led me here but it was too weak to read properly from any further away.

These drones had a pretty good resource base in here before I cleaned them out. It's a shame I got here as fast as I did, another couple of days and those drones would have turned these useless rocks into some more useful salvage for me.

13 Million from this combat site after my salvage drones brought in the left overs. I wonder if there will be a reward for alerting the authorities about this base getting its eggs scrambled.

Best to hit a station and dock up for the evening, after a few of my drones got clipped I'm pretty sure I've got a long night of work ahead of me to patch them back up... good thing I have plenty of spare parts now...
...Recording End

Monday, February 17, 2014

Gains, and Subsequent Losses

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : KnightFall - Manticore Stealth Bomber

Date : 20140216

Recording Online...


My current plan is going fairly smoothly, I've set up camp in a -0.1 security system pretending to be the law. Hopefully I won't have to be at this long. The occasional signature flashing on my panel keeps me interested at least, I've been able to track down an old Guristas ship yard.

Taking a look at it gave me pause, either these pilots have a bit of culture in them or a sense of humor. It's a shame they abandoned this place, it would make an excellent Colosseum.


These ancient ships remind me of the ones the old explorers used to fly in. Many of them never returned but I hardly believe that they made it this far out of the core worlds. Although with the look of this place, and the way it's configured I imagine it could have been set up by the old Amarr Empire.

Either way what was theirs is now mine, and these old relics will be worth a bundle to some collector or a museum.


After running back to civilized space I've decided to take another run around and found a station in ruins surrounded by what looks to be a science experiment gone wrong.

Lucky for me it looks like they left the doors wide open...

Wait I've got... Interceptor and a 'dictor I've got to...

Eject damnit eje-...

...Recording Damaged. Fast Forward...

...fucker blew up my pod? God damnit everything was going PERFECTLY!


Buy orders are set up, I'll reconfigure my load out and head back out in the morning... once I get the taste of vat-goo out of my mouth...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Corporate Expansion

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Intepid - Nemesis Stealth Bomber

Date : 20140214

Recording Online...


The last few cycles have been spent on interviews for the available positions in Oxidize Industries. We've brought an additional capsuleer on-board, fresh out of the station with a pilots licence so new the ink is still wet.

This new pilot will fill an additional exploration position, and flying in formation has made the signatures we're taking advantage of much more profitable and efficient.

Fennis may not be around long however, as he has aspirations to go to University once he has all of the prerequisite skills ironed out.


I've decided to also take on a fresh-faced Minmatar who is also new to the void. This Pilot has come highly recommended for his skill and determination to squeeze out a profit wherever one can be found. So far we have not been able to meet up with one-another in space as he has spent the majority of time so far focusing on making himself some start-up money.

With the emergency slush fund I've made available to him, and what he will gain running errands for the station dwellers it shouldn't be long before he's hub trading and making us a good profit on the goods we're recovering.


Recently I've been giving some thought to straightening out my reputation with the law, and going to University. Fennis has been speaking quite a bit of his plans to join EVE-U and graduate and I must say I'm intrigued. I'm not certain how much that group of white-collars can teach me but once I finish the classes I can apply as faculty.

In any event it's about time I straightened out my Concorde Security Status so I've opted to leave high sec to the new hands and disappear into Nul-Sec to fix my past mistakes.

Hopefully it won't take long to straighten this out.

Fly Safe, Lostvision signing off.

...Recording End