Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Intrigue Danger and Profit

Personel Log : LostVision - Captain
Deployment : Mira II - Stealth Bomber
Date : 20141409


Word has come in over the Comm of a massive explosion, they think it has something to do with some sort of experiment to force open a wormhole. The fleet I was soaring with a few days ago detected a new wormhole opening up in High Security space to a previously uncharted pocket of wormhole space.

This new system, named 'Thera' by the Sisters of Eve who originally settled in this system  is without a doubt the most ruthless region of space I've set my eyes on. War generally has a certain order to it's chaos, but here everyone seems to be weapons free and firing on anything they can get a lock on.


The Sisters have been in this wormhole for some time it seems, running their experiments with Bob knows what goal in mind but they did see fit to outfit the solar system with a few of their stations around various planets.

The other pilots managed to beat me to the system but they were far from the first ones there, and I arrived just in time to enjoy my first of what would be a few kills this evening.

Shortly after this frigate went down however our fleet had it's own tactic turned around on it when a single rogue stealth bomber hit us with a bomb, plowing through my shields and tearing off a sizable chunk of the plating protecting me from the vacuum of space!


Before too long we had managed to manufacture a few wrecks, and with the interest in ending on a high note we deemed our operation a success, having successfully managed to secure entry and docking rights in this newly discovered Thera system.

I am making long term plans to operate from here for a while given the multiple entrances and exits to places all over the galaxy making its position ideal for hit and run tactics, and covert infiltration behind enemy lines, as well as easy access to multiple regions of space that can help sate my curiosity when exploring.

Until my next opportunity I will be spending some time in station, welding plates back on the Mira II to get it ready to fly for the next operation.

... Recording End

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