Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Artificially Intelligent

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Hive - SOE Cruiser
Date : 20140224
We've had a lot of signatures in this region of space recently, with a good portion of them being infected drone sites.
Infected drones are an example of intelligence and malicious inventiveness. Drones are my specialty, and I tend to be very good at tearing them apart, often leaving enough parts behind to sell to some other AI engineers in a trade hub.
I've tracked down a signature of an old mining outpost and I'm aligning to warp to it, if they have a surplus of resources I might be able to make some money trading the margin. They wouldn't respond to remote hails but it's possible their communications equipment is just too out dated.

We'll be dropping from warp any second. Maybe we can make some money bringing them some supplies for repairs or upgrade...

Swarm on grid... launching Hobgoblins for intercept...

It looks like this outpost fell before backup arrived. There's a faint distress call which I guess is what led me here but it was too weak to read properly from any further away.

These drones had a pretty good resource base in here before I cleaned them out. It's a shame I got here as fast as I did, another couple of days and those drones would have turned these useless rocks into some more useful salvage for me.

13 Million from this combat site after my salvage drones brought in the left overs. I wonder if there will be a reward for alerting the authorities about this base getting its eggs scrambled.

Best to hit a station and dock up for the evening, after a few of my drones got clipped I'm pretty sure I've got a long night of work ahead of me to patch them back up... good thing I have plenty of spare parts now...
...Recording End

Monday, February 17, 2014

Gains, and Subsequent Losses

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : KnightFall - Manticore Stealth Bomber

Date : 20140216

Recording Online...


My current plan is going fairly smoothly, I've set up camp in a -0.1 security system pretending to be the law. Hopefully I won't have to be at this long. The occasional signature flashing on my panel keeps me interested at least, I've been able to track down an old Guristas ship yard.

Taking a look at it gave me pause, either these pilots have a bit of culture in them or a sense of humor. It's a shame they abandoned this place, it would make an excellent Colosseum.


These ancient ships remind me of the ones the old explorers used to fly in. Many of them never returned but I hardly believe that they made it this far out of the core worlds. Although with the look of this place, and the way it's configured I imagine it could have been set up by the old Amarr Empire.

Either way what was theirs is now mine, and these old relics will be worth a bundle to some collector or a museum.


After running back to civilized space I've decided to take another run around and found a station in ruins surrounded by what looks to be a science experiment gone wrong.

Lucky for me it looks like they left the doors wide open...

Wait I've got... Interceptor and a 'dictor I've got to...

Eject damnit eje-...

...Recording Damaged. Fast Forward...

...fucker blew up my pod? God damnit everything was going PERFECTLY!


Buy orders are set up, I'll reconfigure my load out and head back out in the morning... once I get the taste of vat-goo out of my mouth...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Corporate Expansion

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Intepid - Nemesis Stealth Bomber

Date : 20140214

Recording Online...


The last few cycles have been spent on interviews for the available positions in Oxidize Industries. We've brought an additional capsuleer on-board, fresh out of the station with a pilots licence so new the ink is still wet.

This new pilot will fill an additional exploration position, and flying in formation has made the signatures we're taking advantage of much more profitable and efficient.

Fennis may not be around long however, as he has aspirations to go to University once he has all of the prerequisite skills ironed out.


I've decided to also take on a fresh-faced Minmatar who is also new to the void. This Pilot has come highly recommended for his skill and determination to squeeze out a profit wherever one can be found. So far we have not been able to meet up with one-another in space as he has spent the majority of time so far focusing on making himself some start-up money.

With the emergency slush fund I've made available to him, and what he will gain running errands for the station dwellers it shouldn't be long before he's hub trading and making us a good profit on the goods we're recovering.


Recently I've been giving some thought to straightening out my reputation with the law, and going to University. Fennis has been speaking quite a bit of his plans to join EVE-U and graduate and I must say I'm intrigued. I'm not certain how much that group of white-collars can teach me but once I finish the classes I can apply as faculty.

In any event it's about time I straightened out my Concorde Security Status so I've opted to leave high sec to the new hands and disappear into Nul-Sec to fix my past mistakes.

Hopefully it won't take long to straighten this out.

Fly Safe, Lostvision signing off.

...Recording End

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Crashing a House Party

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Raleigh - Tengu Strategic Cruiser

Date : 20140212

Recording Online...


Since I've been having such luck recently I decided to undock the Tengu for an afternoon. I had it fit out with a similar loadout as the Opportunity, with probes and hacking mods but decided to forego the cloak today, I'm feeling a little trigger happy.


It figures on the day I'm itching for a fight that the first thing I find is a fully operational Data Warehouse on the border of low-sec space, I would almost be mad if I didn't get a Blood Raider special order blueprint off of one of the mainframes before it locked me out.

Blueprints like this are bitter sweet, I'm not much of a contract guy and it can be hard to find a buyer for things like these.


I found a Blood camp and unlike the other ones I've been sneaking up on recently this one was fully inhabited with a special emphasis on the word 'was'. 

After I cleaned it out some, and sorted through the wreckage it left me wondering if my time would have been better spend elsewhere though, after all a little more than an hour in low-sec last night brought me much more than I was able to find here.

There wasn't too much to speak of aside from a Blood modded laser focusing crystal but there's always some Amarrian who is happy to pick up trash like that so I'll take it back into the core with me when I head in.


I'm going to pack it in for the evening, unfortunately tonight didn't have much of a big score but that's how exploring goes. Some days you play the slot machine and make out like a bandit, other days you limp home with nothing but a few data pads and shorted out circuit boards.

I'll be undocking again tomorrow in the Opportunity, I'm beginning to think that ship might be a bit of a good luck charm...

...Recording End

Monday, February 10, 2014

Stairway To Heaven

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Opportunity - Astero Frigate

Date : 20140211

Recording Online...


Today was an early day but I've been so busy I forgot to make a log entry. My clone backup was overloaded so I had to shell out some coin for an upgrade before undocking, I often wonder if the clones are actually better or not since I never feel any different when I wake up in a new one.

I never accused Blood Raiders of having an over abundance of intelligence, but at least one of them had the good sense to distribute his backup storage servers. Unfortunately he didn't have the good sense to put up any signal dampeners on them so I found them ripe for the picking.

There wasn't much in them unfortunately, a few run of the mill blueprints and some old data files.


The more well traveled of you that might review this log entry may be clever enough to recognize that nebula just beyond the event horizon, and know where I headed before I say it. This little beauty was a golden gateway right into Low Sec.

I've sat on my fair share of gates in my life, shot at a few folks who didn't deserve it and probably some who did so if I seem wary of entering low sec by more conventional means I hope you'll brand me as much learned, as coward.


I poked through the veil on the other side and did a quick scan and a look on the nav-com and this little leg of low-sec is fairly untraveled. This is great news it's much easier to work unfettered by the locals. After dropping a net of probes and scouting around a little I've found an old Blood Raider shipyard, and a Sansha Data Processing facility.

Obviously I'm checking the Data facility first, new junk is way better than old junk.

Jesus these pirates sure do make a mess when they leave a place.


Had to lay low for a little while, a Proteus drifted in here looking for something shiny or maybe just a fight. Took me longer than usual to crack the code at the Data facility but it looked like a pretty serious setup compared to what I've found in High-Sec.

If the Amarr knew what these bandits had of theirs I'm sure they wouldn't be happy... in fact thinking about it I don't know if I've ever seen a happy Amarr...

At any rate the score from the Data sig and what I'm currently in the middle of prying off of these old battleships should add up to a pretty big pay day.


Slid back into Empire space without incident and docked up for the night, a pretty productive afternoon, I ended up with a total surplus (After upgrading that pesky clone) of 20,129,859 ISK, not including a few useless (to me) blueprints.

Time to sit back with an ice cold Quafe Classic, I'll end the log here and pick it up in the morning.

...Recording End

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pillaging the Pirates

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Opportunity - Astero Frigate

Date: 20140209

Recording Online...


Slept in a little this morning, hard to shake the habit after being docked up for so long. Took a quick few jumps out of Amarr before dropping the scanners and set up a net. Core systems were surprisingly busy today but higher population tends to spook off much of my competition.

I stumbled into an old asteroid mining facility surrounded by a ton of trashed battleships, which is wonderful news for men like me.


You know what's better than finding old space junk? Finding NEW space junk!

It looks like I caught the Sansha's sleeping, and with some of the worst Anti-Virus software I have ever encountered. It took me seconds to break into this testing facility and get out with everything a business man like me could hope for.

There's always people lined up to buy product like this.


I slept in a little so working late seemed like a good plan. I detected some strange frequencies coming from this location which ended up being an overloaded Star Gate. The Blood Raiders had the right idea using those solar panels to power it but apparently their engineering skills weren't up to par for the job.

Never the less they had to abandon the base in what seemed like a rush, haste makes waste and one mans trash is another man's ISK.

Pried nine armor plates off of one of those panels and ripped enough circuitry out to rewire a cruiser, that should net me a tidy sum.


This is likely to be my last stop for the night, this is a charming little research facility that seems unable to detect my intrusion, and I can't help but think that the Sansha's are running the same Anti-Virus on all of their outposts because this was just as easy to rob as the last one.

I've got blueprints, data files and I even managed to force one of their storage containers to open with a few crafty lines of code. If they keep making it so easy for me it won't be long before I've got this ship paid off.

Maybe I'll start working towards a cruiser so I can investigate some more... aggressive markets...

Today was a good day, minimal competition and some easy hacks netted about 15M ISK putting me back over the 500M mark.

I've got my eye on some ships worth upgrading to, or I could just sit back down in my Tengu... hard call, I'll have to think it over...

...Recording End

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Magnificent Desolation

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Opportunity - Astero Frigate

Date: 20140209

Recording Online...


After a long time in dry dock we're finally back out in the black. A new adventure and a new hull will bring us some new excitement, hopefully none of the costly kind.


A quick jaunt around Empire space was able to net a couple of interesting Wormholes, one of which led to Nul Sec. Far too much activity in the region for my liking, narrowly avoided a gate blockade and had to do some crafty piloting to avoid the Warp Disruption fields they had deployed. With that many pilots looking to pick a fight there was little room for me to net a profit, I turned the ship around and flew home before long, after all I'm in this for the cash not blood and glory.


As a Gallente I tend to despise the Amarr, slave traders and religious nut-bags the lot of them. Once in a while however, you can't help but stand by and marvel at their ability for destruction. I stumbled upon this long-since abandoned Blood Raider base and really the image says it all. A station in ruins, a war machine battered and crumbling...

Slim pickings after they abandoned this place, a few salvageable batteries, some scraps and old data sheets. Also found about 600K worth of old circuitry, I'll take a look around and see if anyone is willing to take it off of my hands.

Docking up for the night, I'll head out and try my luck again tomorrow.

...Recording End