Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Crashing a House Party

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Raleigh - Tengu Strategic Cruiser

Date : 20140212

Recording Online...


Since I've been having such luck recently I decided to undock the Tengu for an afternoon. I had it fit out with a similar loadout as the Opportunity, with probes and hacking mods but decided to forego the cloak today, I'm feeling a little trigger happy.


It figures on the day I'm itching for a fight that the first thing I find is a fully operational Data Warehouse on the border of low-sec space, I would almost be mad if I didn't get a Blood Raider special order blueprint off of one of the mainframes before it locked me out.

Blueprints like this are bitter sweet, I'm not much of a contract guy and it can be hard to find a buyer for things like these.


I found a Blood camp and unlike the other ones I've been sneaking up on recently this one was fully inhabited with a special emphasis on the word 'was'. 

After I cleaned it out some, and sorted through the wreckage it left me wondering if my time would have been better spend elsewhere though, after all a little more than an hour in low-sec last night brought me much more than I was able to find here.

There wasn't too much to speak of aside from a Blood modded laser focusing crystal but there's always some Amarrian who is happy to pick up trash like that so I'll take it back into the core with me when I head in.


I'm going to pack it in for the evening, unfortunately tonight didn't have much of a big score but that's how exploring goes. Some days you play the slot machine and make out like a bandit, other days you limp home with nothing but a few data pads and shorted out circuit boards.

I'll be undocking again tomorrow in the Opportunity, I'm beginning to think that ship might be a bit of a good luck charm...

...Recording End

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