Saturday, February 8, 2014

Magnificent Desolation

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Opportunity - Astero Frigate

Date: 20140209

Recording Online...


After a long time in dry dock we're finally back out in the black. A new adventure and a new hull will bring us some new excitement, hopefully none of the costly kind.


A quick jaunt around Empire space was able to net a couple of interesting Wormholes, one of which led to Nul Sec. Far too much activity in the region for my liking, narrowly avoided a gate blockade and had to do some crafty piloting to avoid the Warp Disruption fields they had deployed. With that many pilots looking to pick a fight there was little room for me to net a profit, I turned the ship around and flew home before long, after all I'm in this for the cash not blood and glory.


As a Gallente I tend to despise the Amarr, slave traders and religious nut-bags the lot of them. Once in a while however, you can't help but stand by and marvel at their ability for destruction. I stumbled upon this long-since abandoned Blood Raider base and really the image says it all. A station in ruins, a war machine battered and crumbling...

Slim pickings after they abandoned this place, a few salvageable batteries, some scraps and old data sheets. Also found about 600K worth of old circuitry, I'll take a look around and see if anyone is willing to take it off of my hands.

Docking up for the night, I'll head out and try my luck again tomorrow.

...Recording End

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