Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pillaging the Pirates

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Opportunity - Astero Frigate

Date: 20140209

Recording Online...


Slept in a little this morning, hard to shake the habit after being docked up for so long. Took a quick few jumps out of Amarr before dropping the scanners and set up a net. Core systems were surprisingly busy today but higher population tends to spook off much of my competition.

I stumbled into an old asteroid mining facility surrounded by a ton of trashed battleships, which is wonderful news for men like me.


You know what's better than finding old space junk? Finding NEW space junk!

It looks like I caught the Sansha's sleeping, and with some of the worst Anti-Virus software I have ever encountered. It took me seconds to break into this testing facility and get out with everything a business man like me could hope for.

There's always people lined up to buy product like this.


I slept in a little so working late seemed like a good plan. I detected some strange frequencies coming from this location which ended up being an overloaded Star Gate. The Blood Raiders had the right idea using those solar panels to power it but apparently their engineering skills weren't up to par for the job.

Never the less they had to abandon the base in what seemed like a rush, haste makes waste and one mans trash is another man's ISK.

Pried nine armor plates off of one of those panels and ripped enough circuitry out to rewire a cruiser, that should net me a tidy sum.


This is likely to be my last stop for the night, this is a charming little research facility that seems unable to detect my intrusion, and I can't help but think that the Sansha's are running the same Anti-Virus on all of their outposts because this was just as easy to rob as the last one.

I've got blueprints, data files and I even managed to force one of their storage containers to open with a few crafty lines of code. If they keep making it so easy for me it won't be long before I've got this ship paid off.

Maybe I'll start working towards a cruiser so I can investigate some more... aggressive markets...

Today was a good day, minimal competition and some easy hacks netted about 15M ISK putting me back over the 500M mark.

I've got my eye on some ships worth upgrading to, or I could just sit back down in my Tengu... hard call, I'll have to think it over...

...Recording End

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