Friday, February 14, 2014

Corporate Expansion

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Intepid - Nemesis Stealth Bomber

Date : 20140214

Recording Online...


The last few cycles have been spent on interviews for the available positions in Oxidize Industries. We've brought an additional capsuleer on-board, fresh out of the station with a pilots licence so new the ink is still wet.

This new pilot will fill an additional exploration position, and flying in formation has made the signatures we're taking advantage of much more profitable and efficient.

Fennis may not be around long however, as he has aspirations to go to University once he has all of the prerequisite skills ironed out.


I've decided to also take on a fresh-faced Minmatar who is also new to the void. This Pilot has come highly recommended for his skill and determination to squeeze out a profit wherever one can be found. So far we have not been able to meet up with one-another in space as he has spent the majority of time so far focusing on making himself some start-up money.

With the emergency slush fund I've made available to him, and what he will gain running errands for the station dwellers it shouldn't be long before he's hub trading and making us a good profit on the goods we're recovering.


Recently I've been giving some thought to straightening out my reputation with the law, and going to University. Fennis has been speaking quite a bit of his plans to join EVE-U and graduate and I must say I'm intrigued. I'm not certain how much that group of white-collars can teach me but once I finish the classes I can apply as faculty.

In any event it's about time I straightened out my Concorde Security Status so I've opted to leave high sec to the new hands and disappear into Nul-Sec to fix my past mistakes.

Hopefully it won't take long to straighten this out.

Fly Safe, Lostvision signing off.

...Recording End

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