Monday, February 10, 2014

Stairway To Heaven

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Opportunity - Astero Frigate

Date : 20140211

Recording Online...


Today was an early day but I've been so busy I forgot to make a log entry. My clone backup was overloaded so I had to shell out some coin for an upgrade before undocking, I often wonder if the clones are actually better or not since I never feel any different when I wake up in a new one.

I never accused Blood Raiders of having an over abundance of intelligence, but at least one of them had the good sense to distribute his backup storage servers. Unfortunately he didn't have the good sense to put up any signal dampeners on them so I found them ripe for the picking.

There wasn't much in them unfortunately, a few run of the mill blueprints and some old data files.


The more well traveled of you that might review this log entry may be clever enough to recognize that nebula just beyond the event horizon, and know where I headed before I say it. This little beauty was a golden gateway right into Low Sec.

I've sat on my fair share of gates in my life, shot at a few folks who didn't deserve it and probably some who did so if I seem wary of entering low sec by more conventional means I hope you'll brand me as much learned, as coward.


I poked through the veil on the other side and did a quick scan and a look on the nav-com and this little leg of low-sec is fairly untraveled. This is great news it's much easier to work unfettered by the locals. After dropping a net of probes and scouting around a little I've found an old Blood Raider shipyard, and a Sansha Data Processing facility.

Obviously I'm checking the Data facility first, new junk is way better than old junk.

Jesus these pirates sure do make a mess when they leave a place.


Had to lay low for a little while, a Proteus drifted in here looking for something shiny or maybe just a fight. Took me longer than usual to crack the code at the Data facility but it looked like a pretty serious setup compared to what I've found in High-Sec.

If the Amarr knew what these bandits had of theirs I'm sure they wouldn't be happy... in fact thinking about it I don't know if I've ever seen a happy Amarr...

At any rate the score from the Data sig and what I'm currently in the middle of prying off of these old battleships should add up to a pretty big pay day.


Slid back into Empire space without incident and docked up for the night, a pretty productive afternoon, I ended up with a total surplus (After upgrading that pesky clone) of 20,129,859 ISK, not including a few useless (to me) blueprints.

Time to sit back with an ice cold Quafe Classic, I'll end the log here and pick it up in the morning.

...Recording End

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