Monday, February 17, 2014

Gains, and Subsequent Losses

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : KnightFall - Manticore Stealth Bomber

Date : 20140216

Recording Online...


My current plan is going fairly smoothly, I've set up camp in a -0.1 security system pretending to be the law. Hopefully I won't have to be at this long. The occasional signature flashing on my panel keeps me interested at least, I've been able to track down an old Guristas ship yard.

Taking a look at it gave me pause, either these pilots have a bit of culture in them or a sense of humor. It's a shame they abandoned this place, it would make an excellent Colosseum.


These ancient ships remind me of the ones the old explorers used to fly in. Many of them never returned but I hardly believe that they made it this far out of the core worlds. Although with the look of this place, and the way it's configured I imagine it could have been set up by the old Amarr Empire.

Either way what was theirs is now mine, and these old relics will be worth a bundle to some collector or a museum.


After running back to civilized space I've decided to take another run around and found a station in ruins surrounded by what looks to be a science experiment gone wrong.

Lucky for me it looks like they left the doors wide open...

Wait I've got... Interceptor and a 'dictor I've got to...

Eject damnit eje-...

...Recording Damaged. Fast Forward...

...fucker blew up my pod? God damnit everything was going PERFECTLY!


Buy orders are set up, I'll reconfigure my load out and head back out in the morning... once I get the taste of vat-goo out of my mouth...

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