Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Artificially Intelligent

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain
Deployment : Hive - SOE Cruiser
Date : 20140224
We've had a lot of signatures in this region of space recently, with a good portion of them being infected drone sites.
Infected drones are an example of intelligence and malicious inventiveness. Drones are my specialty, and I tend to be very good at tearing them apart, often leaving enough parts behind to sell to some other AI engineers in a trade hub.
I've tracked down a signature of an old mining outpost and I'm aligning to warp to it, if they have a surplus of resources I might be able to make some money trading the margin. They wouldn't respond to remote hails but it's possible their communications equipment is just too out dated.

We'll be dropping from warp any second. Maybe we can make some money bringing them some supplies for repairs or upgrade...

Swarm on grid... launching Hobgoblins for intercept...

It looks like this outpost fell before backup arrived. There's a faint distress call which I guess is what led me here but it was too weak to read properly from any further away.

These drones had a pretty good resource base in here before I cleaned them out. It's a shame I got here as fast as I did, another couple of days and those drones would have turned these useless rocks into some more useful salvage for me.

13 Million from this combat site after my salvage drones brought in the left overs. I wonder if there will be a reward for alerting the authorities about this base getting its eggs scrambled.

Best to hit a station and dock up for the evening, after a few of my drones got clipped I'm pretty sure I've got a long night of work ahead of me to patch them back up... good thing I have plenty of spare parts now...
...Recording End

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