Saturday, December 4, 2010


Personal Collection of : Captain Lostvision


I discovered this event log in a Class 3 Wormhole, clearly an outdated log but it deserves to be archived for posterity.

The recording follows:

Emergency Black Box Playback...

Alliance Event Log: Distress Recording

Date : 2010125

We recovered the black box from our most recent loss, a Legion under the Command of Cpt. Haha Box:

--reports holding sir but the warp drive is still offline"

"Keep us aligned to the Starbase and radio them in that we'll be coming in hot if we do come in"
*A Terrible screeching noise pierces the microphone*
"Alarms already? Is there even anyone IN engineering? What's the status on that frigate Lieutenant?"

"Gunnery reports they're having trouble tracking the smaller ships Captain they're in a tight orbit and moving too fa-- 

*Log file damaged, skipping to more recent recording*

-- gonna be our last shot here gunnery team, we're counting on you. In the mean time tell engineering to get ready for the jump to warp, we're going to need to go as soon as the warp drive is active."

"Sir I've got gunnery on comm... it's no good sir, they just can't track it and we're moving to slow to avoid another... INCOMING PREPARE FOR EJEC-

Log File End

Transmission End...

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