Sunday, December 7, 2014

Highway To The Danger Zone

Personnel Log : Lostvision - Captain 
Deployment : Data Spike - SOE Frigate 
Date : 20141204


These pirate sites turn up like a bad penny, and before long we have probed out this old mineral field. This place had nearly been stripped clean before something drove the Sansha out of here.

It was fairly easy to strip apart the old ships and mining platforms left here, it looks like they were running a pretty low cost operation here with just the bare essentials. After tearing apart four different modules I was left with about enough salvage to put together a toddlers tricycle.

Estimated Value: 380,000


I have a suspicion that whatever drove the Sansha out of that mining site I was just at was able to convince them to abandon these storage platforms as well.

The security on these devices made it marginally more difficult to gain access to the materials inside than tearing apart that old salvage was. Before too long the Spike and I were able to bring aboard a stack of decryptors and datacores that appear to have been liberated from some Amarrian convoy.

While I'm sure I won't be given any medals I'm sure the Amarr Ministry of Security would be willing to part with a few ISK to ensure the safe return of their assets, and if they won't play ball I'm sure I can find some entrepreneur to take them off my hands. One man's salvage is another man's bread and butter!

Estimated Value: 2,960,000


Deployment : Mira - Stealth Bomber

I spent the last couple of days putting my Covert Operations training to good use. I accepted a contract from an admittedly shady contact who my brother was familiar with and sat down in a stealth bomber for a nice change of pace.

Stealth operations are a special type of combat. It's a very patient game that relies on biding your time and waiting for the opportune moment to present itself before catching your target unaware. We were separated into two squadrons, I was assigned to the primary strike team: Red Squadron and after monitoring our targets' movements the commander lined up our opportunity to strike at our opponents Capital ships and ordered the strike.

Red Squadron hit the mark but sadly Gold squadron's position had been given away and they were lost before being able to launch their strike.

With my contract fulfilled I stuck around for a couple of days being debriefed by the commander and his team before stepping out of the Mira to go back to probing the depths of the galaxy.

Estimated Cost to Target: 7.69 Billion


That's about all I have in me for one run, I'm docked up for the evening. Hopefully I can find some Wormholes to dive into tomorrow, because while dangerous, they have been providing be with endless opportunities to find rare and expensive salvage.
I've been looking for some people to join in the excitement in wormhole space, maybe group up and take down some of the sleepers who are always buzzing around and see what we can pry from their wrecks, that technology must be worth a fat stack of loot to the right buyer so let me know if you'd be interested in taking a dip into unclaimable territory with me.
Lostvision signing off.

...Recording End

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